A nighttime poem

Your long black curls
Keep me from my
Mad haze
Your long black curls
Illuminate my
Darkened fate
Your long black curls
Scattered on the
Pillow cover
Like the thunder clouds
That hold the rain
And cover the bashful
Moon’s face
Your long black curls
Hide your bright eyes
Like a curtain of night
They whisper through to
My tired soul
And lock me in your
Sweet gaze
Your long black curls
Kiss your lips
As an afterthought
And when I fall
I’m fall upwards;
I see your face
Painted in the night sky
I see your words
Embroidered in
My hands
As i gently touch
Your long black curls
Dancing to the
Last song of the night
At the melody of
My broken record

– Ushna Shoaib


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