A woman’s worth

‘Masculinity so fragile a woman only needs to breathe to hurt it’
These twelve words utterly breathe the actuality of our patriarchal and misogynic society.

Women have a constant threat to their lives because among us are ruthless creatures. They are humans but can not be associated with humans. I believe there is no such word in the dictionary that can portray their barbarous acts. Most of them are commonly known as men.
Consequently, a woman’s life mostly revolves around trying to shield herself from the eye of the beast. Hiding behind the door; layered in attire, trying not come in contact with him, as it might provoke his inner desires. Because after all, a woman coated in cloth can lead a man to sin. But a man’s sin is acceptable. Why? He’s a man.
But the same sin is not justifiable for a woman. Why? She’s a woman, you know. Moreover, the penalty of death is stated for the female. These answers are the perfect rational answers for this society. Ironic, isn’t it?

We all are aware of the countless ‘honour killings,’ ‘acid attacks’ and ‘rape victims’ that’s been plastered all over social media and television.
‘Teenage girl stabbed to death by her brother over “honour” in Karachi’
‘Qandeel Balouch killed by brother in Multan’
‘Bride strangled to death by groom on wedding night in Jacobabad’
‘Over “honour” two seminary teachers gunned in Mansehra’
‘Physically challenged women allegedly raped inside PIMS ICU’
‘Teenage girl burnt alive for marrying man of her own choice in Lahore’

“Sir uthaye. Mar do. Ghar seh gai. Mar do. Dil dukhai. Mar do. Samjh na ai. Mar do.”

Pakistan passed a woman’s protection bill but it never became the law. Why? Because half of Pakistan’s population would be behind the bars. How many more deaths will occur, how many more faces will be burnt and how many more girls will be raped in order for government to take action?

Living in society like this, I hope I never have a daughter because a mother can not see her child physically/emotionally disabled or dying.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sijjal says:

    This topic gives quite an awareness…..though should have ended it with a positive thinking


  2. Bill says:

    good i like this


  3. Minaal says:

    I love this


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