Just a dream

Right beside me, he is lying right beside me.
So relaxed, in deep and peaceful sleep.
I felt that arm around my waist, his finger tips touching mine.
His warm balmy breath against my neck.
I could gaze over his face in dim light of candles i burned to arouse him.
He is static and calm, who could tell how wild he can be other than me.
How is he so calm?
When i am writhing here by the shivers he left on my skin
With palpitating heart couple of hours ago.
As he entered our territory, his scent drove me crazy.
His sedate steps covered the distance slowly as i lie there still in bed,
Silk sheets as soft as white roses.
His eyes ravishing my soul,
It was getting had to control.
the way his dainty hands made music on my thigh,
He changed the world behind my eyelids to heaven⁰
I closed my eyes and bend behind.
We started moving gently with the help of wind, gasping
His breathe in mine melted our hearts.
Lips so soft, cherishing my chest.
Rubbing my pelvis, our attire burned.
Bodies consuming each other, oh.
Oh, its you so deep inside me; and make me lose my way.
I wanna stay lost, i wanna stay lost all night baby.
Please, wake up.

– Afrah


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