The Wanderer

I am but a wanderer of the wide world we live in, the very basic of human flesh packed together by white carbon and weak color. I am but a philosopher of my own universe, the mountains are my resting bed and the skies form the roof over my head. I am but the devil that drives my curiosity. I am but the saint of my own religion. I am nothing but a storyteller and the story I am going to tell you will live through ages…

Through thunder and rain, I walked. Through vast deserts and the highest mountains, I walked aimlessly, destination unknown but my heart full of divine aspiration. I crossed the deepest oceans and a time came when I could row no more. How inexplicably baffling are the ways of nature that the very winds that were defending the lands of alien creatures sailed me into them. Glorious is the land of giants really and almost alluring. The mountains are made of gold and the roads of lead. The trees grow as tall as the skies and the rivers flow musically through out the empire of dreams.

The Khal of giants invited me to sup with him and so I gladly accepted.
‘I don’t understand. What can a little man like you do that God gave you superiority over kinds of us’

I hesitated at first but then again I stood up and boasted:
‘I can drink more than anyone of you’ and so the giant put forward a glass taller than me and made out of the oldest mud filled with the bloodiest wine. I closed my eyes and sucked the wine inside me like waves hitting the sand of the widest coast. I drank until I almost choked on it and then I opened my eyes and looked up. To my surprise, I was only able to lower the level down to one unit.

Embarrassed, I quickly asked the Khal that I can beat his strongest wrestler and so he sent one old poor lady to fight me. Confident, I took the first step but as soon as I locked my arms against her, I realized that she was the strongest opponent I was ever going to face, I struggled for a minute or two but finally she flipped me over and the battle was over.

Humiliated, I stepped up and called the giant to step up so I could defeat him with but my words. Poetry – and so I started. I poured my heart into every single word and so I closed my eyes one more time and read aloud my deepest desires, opened up my most sacred lies and with every phrase, I put my soul into the web of beautifully crafted dream praising the love of my life. And then I opened my eyes and the giant stood in front of me, unmoved. I failed once again.

I bowed down and told the Khal that I cannot compete with his kind and so the giant asked me to stand up and as I did, the whole council applauded. Shocked as I was, I looked up to the giant:
‘I failed everything, how come your men still applaud for me?’

The giant smirked a noble smile and said:
‘Oh son of Adam and Eve, don’t you know? You succeeded in everything we could not. The bloody wine was actually will power connected by a pipe to the hallow ocean of struggles. And you showed me that you can tackle every hardship with a broad chest and so you made a dent in the deepest ocean.

‘Oh God’s favorite creature, don’t you know? You wrestled cruelty in the form of a poor old lady and you put up with her power, even though you lost – you made the women and thus cruelty weaker in the knees.

‘Oh body of flesh and bones, don’t you know? I am the devil himself and you made me shed a tear with your song of love. Your love is stronger than the bonds that keep the mountains attached to the ground and even though love hurts you the most, you still love with your full heart.

‘You are by far, superior to everything. You are but truly a human. Do not waste the limited time you have on this earth.

‘Row the deepest ocean, climb the highest mountain, walk the hottest desert, sleep through the hardest night, walk among giants and lead them, walk among friends and love them, save the poorest creatures and talk to God through the night.’


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