International Whatever

You call it International Women’s Day!
I call it Same old shit just different day!

It’s not about ” Be positive girl! See the bright side of life.”
It’s about ” Imma tell you the reality and horrors of life”

Girls are still molested in the middle of the streets
Women are still married to their husbands who cheats

Others give futile logics that this torment wouldn’t have happened if you wore a ‘duppata’
But my darling it’s about the mentality not the dress and burqa!

Six years old raped girls are buried in the cemetery
Husbands still won’t come home and spend the nights with their secretary.

Boys will linger in the street corners to check out girls, they never get jaded
But when someone does the same thing to their sisters they get furious and aggravated!

Men give logics that they are superior because it’s in the Quran
Little do they know that doing justice with women and respecting them is also in Quran!

They beg for nudes from their girlfriends in the name of love
And when they’re done, they leak them, and all girls do is regret and cry like a mourning dove.

Men still brutally beat their daughters and wives
They rape women and kill them, as if they couldn’t care any less about our lives!

But then again ” All men are not same” is on everyone’s tongue
Even though you’ll deny this but most of them have the same mentality no matter if they are old or young.

Good guys do exist, but only a few girls get them
The boys who respect women, they are the true gems.

Upon this day everyone will be talking about Girl Power, Women’s rights and blah blah blah
I’m done talking, Happy Whatever, we women will still be considered as the outlaw!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sanam Bashir says:

    Zaroya u have done an amazing job larki..
    Keep it up.. !! Well done 🙂


  2. Hashir Zaheer says:

    Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant
    Hats off!


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