Afghanistan: The Garden of Lies

The graveyard of empires – such authentic is the name given to this godforsaken nation that it perfectly reflects the mindset, the cultures and the values it holds itself in. For no matter what you do for these people, how closely you look into their problems and try your best to solve them, no matter what you sacrifice to provide for your Muslim brothers, they’ll stab you at one time or another, so much so, the ‘nation of liars’ will forget every act of benignity, respect and service and make high rise examples of self-indulgence and stinginess.


Curse on the day General Zia decided to support his Muslim brothers against the Godless communists. Only some years gray, Pakistan put aside her internal issues and placed herself shoulder to shoulder with Afghanistan. Set strongly behind their Muslim brothers, layer over layer of `Soviet assault pushed through the Afghani worthless line of defense deep into Afghanistan with no one to defend their citizens. Pakistani support, consisting of mostly amateurs who volunteered to defend the same nation that conspired against Pakistan in the 1965 war and was the only country to vote against the membership of Pakistan into the United Nations.


Thousands died in the war against Soviet Union and even more were paralyzed and left disabled. It is said that more Pakistanis lost their lives than Afghanis. Even the Pakistani cities weren’t safe as Soviet warplanes bombed innocent locals regularly but Pakistan held onto a war-torn nation furthermore housed millions of refugees from all over Afghanistan and unlike Iran, Pakistani government allowed them to live beyond the refugee camps. As a result, thousands of Afghanis spread across the nation and thus started the ‘decline of Pakistani values.’


Within ten years, the land of prestigious heritage and ethics was toppled by uncontrollable increase in violence, drug abuse and chaos. From under ten thousand, drug addicts increased to over four million and rampage broke out in the provinces of Sindh and NWFP (Now KPK). Smuggling became a common practice and the city of Sahkot became the trade-center of Russian designed weaponry. It is said that every village in NWFP had an Afghani family in it and so NWFP fell first to terrorism and extremism, which further quickly spread to other provinces. Pakistan soon developed a reputation of sponsoring terrorism in other countries; it was listed as the most hated nation just a decade after the refugees moved in. No documents and no moral character, Afghanis transmitted their treacherous practices into Pakistani minds so cleanly that provincial hatred rose to unsurpassed levels and regular ethical hatred crimes escalated to every corner of Pakistan. And to cross every line of hypocrisy, Afghanistan boosted their friendly relationship with India to such an extent that they silently put forward their unconditional support for Indian aggression in Kashmir and hailed the futile idea of free Baluchistan. Afghanistan government discouraged any international moves made by Pakistan and anti-Pakistani slogan became an emblem of Afghani foreign policy and so Pakistan decided to take a step and clean her holy territory of the tumor called Afghanistan. The democratic government of Pakistan ordered the expulsion of every Afghani refugee by December 2017.


It’s no secret that Afghanis don’t really like Pakistan and as blind as they are, they still see it as Ranjit Singh’s Punjab who captured Peshawar and snatched their land from them. Still wandering in their delusions, they think KPK belongs to them. It’s almost funny how Afghanis would crawl into Pakistan and ask for help and then again won’t accept the reality that Durand Line – the official boundary that separates their hypocrite country from Pakistan is but the real boundary. At one side, they’re allowing India to use their territory for their own sinister acts and on the other side, they want Pakistan to keep housing the refugees. No, it’s time for them to leave. They’ve overstayed their visit, conspired enough and spread their cultural intolerance to such a level that it’s almost a national threat. Pakistan will not house any Afghanis anymore. It’s time to tell the world that Pakistan doesn’t care about the Afghan civil war, who rules Afghanistan is not our problem and the refugee crises is no longer our problem. The gates have been put up, only authorized Afghanis will be allowed after December 2017.


It’s time for Afghanis to go back to their country for good and if they have even a bit of decency in them, they’ll remember Pakistan as a country who supported them when no one would look at them twice.


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