On a low budget? Here are 7 low priced but good quality beauty products you need to try

On a low budget? Here are seven low priced but good quality beauty products you need to try. I tried all of these and absolutely loved the results. Few of personal favorite makeup products.

1) Bourjois velvet rouge edition matte lipsticks
maxresdefault (1).jpg
  • Beautiful high intensity colors. Dries quickly and lasts all day!
  • USD 13.00 | PKR 1300

2) Bourjois d’or blush

  • I used rose d’or blush and I have to say I LOVED it. The shade is extremely pretty with a hint of shimmer in it. It gives kind of a pink natural glow. A must try.
  • USD 12.00 | PKR 1200

3) Essence Rock’n’doll Crazy XXXL volume

  • Mascara. This ones for you if you love crazy spider lash look!
  • USD 4.75 | PKR 475

4) Junaid Jamshad Note Luminous Moisturising Foundation
  • To be honest, Initially I wasn’t really certain about Junaid Jamshad’s makeup products but then I tried them and they were actually pretty good. Matte Foundation. Amazing coverage. Suitable for all types of skin.
  • USD 14.85 | PKR 1485

5) E.L.F Studio Baked Highlighter
  • I used moonlight pearls. Gives you a natural beautiful glow. Perfect for everyday use.
  • USD 8.00 | PKR 795

6) Junaid Jamshad ultra volume mascara
  • One of my favourite mascaras. Clump-free mascara. Contains almond oil and vitamin E that nourishes the eyelashes and ensures eyelash growth.
  • USD 11.00 | PKR 1085

7) NYX soft matte lip cream
maxresdefault (2)
  • Variety of gorgeous shades available. Rich, creamy texture. Lasts long. I’d say, you should definitely own one of these.
  • USD 10 | PKR 1000

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