The demons inside

On Sunday morning when David was brewing coffee for himself he heard a knock at the door. He looked at the clock, it was striking 10:00 , who could that be, he wondered. When he opened the door he saw Amanda standing in front of him. She was wearing a vestido and a long coat.”Hey! Hope you aren’t busy. I was just passing by, thought to check up on you. Can I come in?” she asked. “Oh Yeah sure, Make yourself at home.” replied David. Amanda was David’s childhood friend. They lived in Brooklyn. She lived a few streets away from David’s house. They both had good intimacy. But David wasn’t expecting Amanda at his place on a Sunday morning, because he knew that she was a sleepy head. She usually wakes up at one or two pm at weekends. Amanda looked gloomy, he knew something was wrong but he decided not to hit her up with so many questions in the morning. “Breakfast?” he asked while setting up the table. “Oh I am starving!” replied Amanda who was now taking off her coat. 

At the breakfast table they talked about politics, football, education and many other things. When they were almost finished David asked Amanda “Are you okay? You look kinda upset.” At first she didn’t say anything. She kept on playing with the leftover waffles in her plate, but when she felt David’s eyes piercing her soul she looked up, quitely. Her face didn’t show any expressions. David was looking at her as if he was waiting for a reply. She took a deep breath, looked into his eyes and asserted ” My mom and dad just got divorced!” 

For a minute there was complete silence in the kitchen. David was staring at Amanda’s face in utter disbelief. He was rooted to the spot. This news was a bolt from the blue for David. He knew that Amanda’s parents were finding it hard to get along but he didn’t knew that things were this bad.

“But, but why?” he asked in a confused manner.

“Well my mom asked for it.”

“No I don’t understand, why would she? I thought things were getting better between the two of them.”

Amanda was tired, she seemed like she didn’t wanted to discuss this, she said;

“My dad was a drug addict, he used to come home late at night, he was fired from his job because of his drinking habits, I could hear my parents fighting all the time, he was always lying on the living room couch stoned, my mum had to find a job, she was tired, he was no good for us David.” 

David was still in a shock, he couldn’t understand anything. ” But you used to say that your dad was your hero, you role model. You were so attached to him.” he said in a worried tone.

“Oh come on David, that was three years back when I was seventeen. I am a grown up now. Things have changed. He isn’t the same anymore. Sometimes I can see the devil who has abducted his soul.” replied Amanda, as if she was annoyed.

David got offended, he didn’t like her views on Mr.Moretti. He knew that man since the start. He was a nice guy, always well dressed, jolly, helping others, he had a great sense of humor.” You can’t just call a person a devil. Let alone your father.” said David in an offensive tone.

“Yes I can!” said Amanda, “He is no good to us, I’ve seen so many good fathers, I don’t know what occured to him.” 

“But there resides God within every human being along with the devil. A person can either choose to be good or bad. There is a continuous fight of good and evil within every human being. Most of the time the devil within us wins, other times he loose.” said David.

“Dude I’ve got no time for your philposphy.” replied Amanda while putting up a strawberry in her mouth.

“Let me tell you a story madam” said David finishing the last sip of his coffee.

“Pfft.. here we go again” Amanda said rolling her eyes.

David smirked, “You know Leonardo da Vinci?”

“The famous mathematician and painter.. duh!” Amanda replied in a way which clearly showed that she had no interest in the man.

“Okay so when he was creating this picture, Leonardo da Vinci encountered a serious problem: he had to depict Good – in the person of Jesus – and Evil – in the figure of Judas, the friend who resolves to betray him during the meal. He stopped working on the painting because he could’nt find his ideal models.One day, when he was listening to a choir, he saw in one of the boys the perfect image of Christ. He invited him to his studio and made sketches and studies of his face.

Three years went by. The Last Supper was almost complete, but Leonardo had still not found the perfect model for Judas. The cardinal responsible for the church started to put pressure on him to finish the mural.

After many days spent vainly searching, the artist came across a prematurely aged youth, in rags and lying drunk in the gutter. With some difficulty, he persuaded his assistants to bring the fellow directly to the church, since there was no time left to make preliminary sketches.The beggar was taken there, not quite understanding what was going on. He was propped up by Leonardo’s assistants, while Leonardo copied the lines of impiety, sin and egotism so clearly etched on his features.When he had finished, the beggar, who had sobered up slightly, opened his eyes and saw the picture before him. With a mixture of horror and sadness he said: 

‘I’ve seen that picture before!’

‘When?’ asked the astonished Leonardo.

‘Three years ago, before I lost everything I had, at a time when I used to sing in a choir and my life was full of dreams. The artist asked me to pose as the model for the face of Jesus.’

When David finished the story Amanda was looking at him surprised. He continued “So you see there’s both the devil and God within a person. You can’t just judge someone and call him the devil or a God. The person is fighting a continuous battle within himself. Maybe that was what your dad was going through. But the evil and the negativity inside him was more which prevailed and the goodness within him got buried somewhere deep inside the lost chambers of his soul. Situations and state of affairs change people. Most of them find it difficult to cope with them. Your father needs help Amanda. Save him. He lost everything like that beggar, now don’t let him wander alone in the valley of despair. Help him. He needs medications, take him to any rehabilitation centre. I hope you understand.

Amanda who was listening to David’s story this entire time was  now lost somewhere in her thoughts. She stood up, put on her coat and went outside in a rush. Maybe to save her dad from his demons or maybe to fight from her own.


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