An Illusion

All these bullies in high school
All this exotism that makes you fool

All these cars and clothes and cuisines
All these Victoria’s Secret Models you see in magazines

All these people who talk about you behind your back
All this depression and anxiety attacks

All these crazy people you face everyday
All their afflicting remarks you bear all day

All these branded clothes and luxurious life you wish you had
All this emptiness inside you which makes you sad

All these books and grades upon which you are stressing over
All your friends who’re partying hard and having fun in the back seat of their rover

All those nights which you spent crying
All these boys whom you never knew were lying

All those 3am confessions which you regretted later
All that time when you stood up for yourself and were called an agitator

All those days you were drunk in the bar
All his promises which now seem so bizarre

All these monsters under your bed, all these voices inside your head
My darling it’s all just an illusion until you’re dead!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. zainab nadeem says:

    Perfect jani… ^-^


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