Lost Soul

With dizzy head and a heart beating at the speed of light
She’s walking down the street trying to escape from everyone’s sight,

She’s empty, liquor in her hands and flowers on her head
She has stilettos on, still she’s moving like she’s the walking dead,

That girl has got a war in her mind
Looking for a place to hide from her demons she’s unable to find,

She’s struggling hard but it’s the devil that’s holding her down
Her demons are creeping in without any sound, making her drown,

Her body is shaking, she’s trying hard to fake it
Like vigorous shocks after an earthquake,

She’s smiling on her helplessness, laughing hard like a sociopath
Her life is more complicated than trigonometry, algebra and math,

But oh her eyes, it’s like the whole universe lies within them
Her thoughts are so deadly and wild but in one way or another she can’t resist them.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. zainab nadeem says:

    fantastic.. 😘 kinda sad but superb hai.. 😍


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