The Agitation

They say people are like poison
But we all have our stories and reasons,

We are the young generation with sad faces and fake smiles
We are the dark souls with broken hearts and lonely lives,

Oh too many voices all around, what to do, which one to hear
This is not wonderland and I’m not Alice let’s just make it clear,

I’m anxious because my demons don’t let me calm down
Don’t come too close or in the darkness you’ll drown,

I was standing alone and cold under the full moon
Like a convicted who is ready for his doom,

For Rumi the answer to everything was love
Did he know that for people like me the cause of eradication was also love?

Alone in that cemetery the poor little girl cried
Underneath the ground a rape victim lied,

Monsters are real, they are humans behind these masks
You can’t recognize them, they make it such a difficult task,

“I’m fine” said the dejected girl smiling sweetly
For it’s both a blessing and a curse to feel everything so very deeply.


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  1. Hamza says:


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  2. Anonymous says:

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  3. Malaika says:

    Amazing. When will I be able to read the next part?

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    1. itszaroya says:

      Soon 🙂


  4. zainab nadeem says:

    👍👍 Perfect.. ❤

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