Inside Pakistan

Written by: Sinan Khalid

When you hear the word Pakistan, what exactly comes to your mind? Now be honest. You would probably think to yourself ‘Pakistan, isn’t that the country where there are lots of terrorists?’ or ‘Isn’t that one of the poorest or most corrupt countries in the world?’ While there’s a truth along those lines, let me tell you what Pakistan really is.

I could go on and on about how and why our country became corrupt and got the reputation it has today, but that’s a topic for another day. But for now, just know that we aren’t so different. We go to work, our youth population goes to parties and we celebrate quite a lot of holidays. I want to tell you all about what’s going on inside Pakistan, things you won’t hear about in the news and the accomplishments we’ve made.

Pakistan has some of the most intelligent people in the world. We have one of Asia’s best universities, LUMS (The Lahore University of Management Sciences). Pakistani scientists are on the verge of a breakthrough in applied sciences. This scientific team is confident that Pakistan is at the center of the opening of a new scientific era with the discovery of magnet-hydro-tropism.

Pakistan’s most celebrated musician and actor, Ali Zafar, is to help judge the $1,000,000 Global Teacher Prize in the United States.
An 11-year-old named Bilal Ahmed built a military grade drone while working at a company called Mic in Karachi, Pakistan. The drone is made of aluminum and can fly up to 1,500 feet. The drone is GPS enabled and supports automatic take-off and landing, these are only some of its many brilliant features.
A 14-year-old security researcher named Muhammad Shehzad has been enlisted in the Google Hall of Fame. He reported several weaknesses in Google’s web applications and managed to fix them as well.
A team of 14 from Karachi Grammar School in Karachi, Pakistan won the most medals at the recent Harvard MUN.
Pakistan is also home to the second highest mountain in the world, K2.

These are only some of many great things about Pakistan that you don’t hear in the news so I, as a Pakistani, felt it my duty to tell you that my country from isn’t entirely a bad place. Yes, there is corruption and there are some problems. I’m not denying that but I can assure you that in some good years, these problems will be history. We already have made a lot of progress; Pakistan government passed numerous bills to secure its minorities and to make sure that they are able to live equally with their fellow countrymen. Terrorism is almost extinct and literacy rate has never been higher. There’s political stability in the country and Pakistan’s stock exchange is one of Asia’s best.

I hope, after reading this, whenever you hear the word ‘Pakistan’, you don’t think of a country full of fundamentalists but a country of talented people, culture and equality.


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