Sindh University’s Hindu students told to apologize for celebrating Holi

Sindh University’s Hindu students were asked to submit a written apology for playing Holi inside the campus premises. Prof Dr Fateh Muhammad, Vice-Chancellor of Sindh University , told a press conference that ‘religious discrimination‘ will not be tolerated and severe action will taken against the concerned official.

“The inquiry committee – headed by Dean of the Faculty of Law advocate Jhamat Mal Jethanand — has been given a one-point agenda to ascertain whether any discrimination took place,” he said, adding that a report will be submitted within a week.

“Sindh University has the highest number of Hindu community staff and students compared to any other university. They all work and study together with Muslims with utmost harmony.” Prof Burfat said.



sindh uni
University of Sindh, Jamshoro

Religious minorities in Pakistan have not only been marginalised but have also faced outright persecution on a regular basis. Recently Allama Ashraf Jalali, a leader of Pakistan Ahle Sunnah wal Jamaat, issued a ‘Kufr fatwa’ against PM Nawaz Sharif for ‘blaspheming’ against Islam. This came after a speech given by the PM to celebrate Holi with the Hindu community in Karachi. During the speech, he said ‘no one can force others to adopt a certain religion.’


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