Saad Rafique’s continuous negligence leads to another train crash

While Pakistan’s Railway Minister, Khawaja Saad Rafique, is busy trolling opposition leaders all over the social media, another train crash leaves two dead and a dozen severely injured.


According to Railway officials, a senior government official, Akram Tariq, said the Karachi-bound train left Lahore, the capital of Punjab province, late Monday. It collided with a lorry carrying oil which was stuck on the tracks.

Five carriages and the destroyed engine caught fire.


Every other month, we hear about an incident involving Pakistan Railways. It’s almost like the ministry is not taken seriously despite the huge increase in Railways budget. While our parallel countries are making progress and entering a new era of electronically controlled trains, Pakistan Railways can’t even make a fortnight without an incident, no matter if it’s on the tracks or inside the offices.

Railways is one of the most corrupt ministries in Pakistan and even though, Nawaz’s government promised to bring changes, the Railways is seen in a never ending dive into failure.



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