Guilty Confessions

Written by: Habibullah Asad

I expected a little too much from life,
Maybe I was too scared to die?

 I never tried growing wings
I was just too scared to fly

 Now that my pen craves for aspiration.
There is nothing much left to live with.

 All my life, I had been an entity unknown.
Let alone being a being.

 All my life I had been fighting a battle I wasn’t supposed to win.

 Living a life, I wasn’t supposed to live
Craving the words I wasn’t supposed to crave.

 Walking paths, I was supposed to stray.
All my life was an illusion, I wasn’t supposed to play.

 When the dust settles and the darkness unfolds.
Just know,

 I’ll be writing from a grave I wasn’t supposed to be buried in.


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