Traditions Traditions

Written by: Mahnoor Aftab
We live in a country where it is a tradition that decisions are made by our parents or elders. Looking out for us is what they do. Almost everyone is grateful to them. But there comes a time when one has to make decisions of their own, big ones. There may be some of us that are just not happy with what we are doing with our lives. What we are doing doesn’t give us that sense of purpose one has in life.. So people just stop in their tracks and think whats wrong.
In the recent issue of Readers Digest Asia, an article described how to make your own decisions and how to be true to them. How to make the right decisions that reflect your values and personality. I’ll just outline the basics.
First of all one should be aware of ones values. Before making any decisions you should know what made you think about it in the first place. Know your ideals. How to make everything seem better. Knowing what went wrong helps in the further progress.Once you get your values and priorities straight it gets easier.
Stress and tensions can make a person take a wrong turn. Life changing decisions are really hard to make and on top of that it can get harder if under stress.. For this purpose one should find such a time that reflects happiness and ease in ones mind and body. Make yourself happy by doing something you love. It can be anything; cooking, eating, jogging, exercising, reading, gardening. Anything at all! After that you can think clearly and make a rational decision. Instead of hastily thinking it through. Even studies have shown that being happy and inspired can give the person a better platform to work on and a better mental stability that helps improve their working capabilities than the ones who were sad and stressed. If, however, for some reason you cant get out of the state of restlessness and havoc then ask for some help.Go to a person who is in a less stressful state or a professional who does not have the tension to meet a deadline soon. They can help quite a lot in showing you the right way to go on for the decision as they are not under duress. And their advice can do wonders. Believe me.
Next we prioritize. Now if we look at it everyone has different desires and values. Not everyone might feel the same about what you value the most. It may not even mean anything to some. With that, no one has only one definitive desire. Most times we have more and what makes us stop in our tracks is because one is coming in the way of the other. At times we have to mix up our desires to make our decisions easier. By doing so we come to peace with every choice. Now I think almost everyone agrees that chocolate and ice-cream together is lavish! Right? I mean come on life choices don’t have to be a definitive either/or choice. Mix them up. Balance your choices. Make the best of it.
Finally, you have to stick to the plan. Now that shouldn’t be hard to do because after all its what you always wanted. Your decision ought to make you  happy and content. At one time it may seem all doubtful to you and you keep thinking about it. Just search for the inspiration you had when you were making the choice. Talk to someone about it. Go to the place that inspired you in the first place. Where you felt a connection. Constantly being reminded that what you are doing is what makes you happy can make it even more acceptable. Take out all the negativity in your life.
“If your values align with who you are then no one will have to ask you to make those choices. It’ll just feel right!”

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