Here’s How Much Money Doctors Make

Doctors are one of the most important people in the world. Their occupation requires a lot of effort from them but at the same time it can get them some pretty handsome pay checks.

Not all doctors are paid the same amount of money, and on top of the most earning list are Orthopedists – doctors who treat bone and muscle problems. And on the bottom are Pediatricians who take home the least. Their paychecks do not only depend upon their qualification, but their race matters as well, with white doctors earning the most and black doctors earning the least with asians and latinos holding second and third places

Source: Business Insider
This data comes from Medscape, which crunches the number on self reported annual income from more than 19,200 doctors across 27 specialties for its annual Physician Compensation Report.
Source: Business Insider
And over the past few years the average doctor’s incomes have increased steadily the reason being “Intense competition for doctors”, says Travis Singleton, Senior Vice President of national physician search firm Merritt Hawkins. With increasing number of diseases the importance of the professions has increased, which alongside with competition for patients across hospitals, healthcare systems, and direct care groups has increased their salary on average.

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