Self-Healing Phone Screens Are Finally Here

Isn’t it just sad when your smartphone’s screen cracks? Just a crack makes the device worthless.
All of us have had to change phones due to screen cracks. Well, those days will soon be over.
Researchers at the University Of California, Riverside have come up with a new polymer that can heal itself, which opens up the to prevent cracks. The material has the ability to stretch fifty times its original size, which means that scratches do not have to be permanent and in case of a crack it can also come back to its original position in 24 hours!
“A self healing material, when carved into two parts can go back together like nothing has happened just like human skin” said Chao Wang, the researcher behind the creation.
Source: Inland
Although it is not the first material to possess self healing properties but this polymer is the first that can conduct electricity making it suitable for smartphones and batteries, and its ability to work in humid environments, makes it even better. It is estimated that it will be used for smartphones within the next three years. Made from a stretchable polymer and an ionic salt, this just might be the break through in the mobile phone screen industry.
The material is still being studied to improve it even more. “We are currently tweaking the covalent bonds within the polymer itself to get these materials ready for real world applications” said Wang.

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