The Ultimate Guide To Rocking It This Summer In 2017

The ultimate guide to rocking it this summer in 2017 with these 5 trends:

Aren’t we all standing in line even before the new year starts to hear wether the godly bell bottoms will take over or it will be the year of short cut capris? Yes ladies, every single one of us is caught guilty. Well, fear not, your saviour is here with the ultimate trends from the age of Elvis to the desi mash with the west.

Here’s the cheat list for this summer:

  1. Desi meets the bashful west:


Listen up  ladies waiting to get their hands on stuff that just gives that “this is me” vibe. This summer it’s all about the punk vibe. Express yourself with funky prints and combine anything that suits your expression, because the summer heat is all about you this time !

  1. Did I hear Presley Elvis ?


That’s right, it’s those times again. Bring back the beloved bell bottoms and pair them with short shirts. This trend will be everywhere in summer this year. Bell bottoms will make it to your casual hangouts, they will be their at your formal events. Hell, they won’t even leave you alone at weddings. Just get a pair of these and be grateful !

  1. It’s all about the brand:

Haven’t you heard from the cool kid of the block? Just brand the clothes and throw it on. All you need is a good label on the back or on the front. Who’s asking for more? You’ve got your money speaking for you. So throw in a chuck full of labelled and branded stuff and you’re good to go.


  1. The I’m too cool for you vibe:


Steal this look from Kendall because it’s the new definition of classic style this summer. Off the shoulder blouses, shirts and even Eastern kurtas will follow so don’t hesitate! Conquer this look and show off those collarbones with confidence

5. 90’s fashion comeback 

90’s fashion seems to hitting the road now a days and we’ve seen circular flounce sleeves and culottes making a comeback
Bring your inner fashionista out by getting a pair of culottes which can be worn with a short shirt having circular flounce sleeves or even t shirts and rock this summer.

6.Don’t forget your expression:

Summer is all about what you put up with your style and your expression. So while you get the fashion scenario all up and going in your head don’t forget to make sure it expresses the inner feminista in you.

And that’s all it’s going to take, with a sprinkle of a little bit of confidence you’ve got enough knowledge to blow away this summer with the title of a perfect trendsetter.


So here’s to the summer of a fashionista with the perfect trendsetting guide.


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