I used to believe that you were going to tame my wild heart,
But darling you were only here to burn and tear it apart.

Everything was enchanting; his hair, his eyes, his voice
I fell in love with him, guess I made the same mistake twice.

People like you have made me feel like a wandering lone wolf at night,
Howling at the moon, which I’ll never get so I’m all quite.

I’ve got fire in my eyes, ache in my heart, flowers in my hair
Down on that marble floor, my soul wrecked, tears shed and my heart bled.

But then again misunderstandings made Othello kill Emilia
How tragic would it be when you fall in love with a person suffering from schizophrenia.

We’re holding on to the pain because that’s all we have left,
You encountered all the joy of the world but my love was something you never felt!


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  1. Yusra says:


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  2. zainab nadeem says:


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  3. Hamza says:

    once again a great job ❤

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  4. lucy says:

    Can this get any better? :*

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  5. haris says:

    your parents would be so proud of you

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    1. zaroya amjad says:

      Tbh, I don’t really show my writings to them. Btw tysm for the compliment


  6. Ayla tanveer says:

    This is awesome.This tell us how you feel when the person treats you like shit.

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    1. zaroya amjad says:



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