‘Mowgli Girl’ Found Living With Monkeys



A group of woodcutters reported this to the concerned authorities after they had the spotted the girl who is believed to be 10 to 12 years old. When the police found the girl she was being protected by the monkeys who also attacked the an officer as the girl screeched at him, the New Indian Express reported this week. After the officer got hold of the girl he was chased by the monkeys. The girl was soon admitted to a local hospital in Bahraich, a city in the state of Uttar Pardesh.

The doctors believe that the girl had been raised by the monkeys for quite some time now. The police have been searching reports of missing children to identify her.

Based on her behavior it is believed that she could have been living with the monkeys since she was an infant, and when she arrived at the hospital she had wounds all over her body “Her nails and hair were unkempt like monkeys” said Dinesh Tripathi, a Bahraich police officer. She looked weak, although she was able to walk on her feet, she would sometime fall on all fours.

“The way she moved, even her eating habits were like that of an animal,” D.K. Singh, chief medical superintendent at Bahraich District

Hospital, told the Associated Press in an interview recorded on video.

“She would throw food on the ground and eat it directly with her mouth, without lifting it with her hands. She used to move around using only her elbows and her knees.”

The doctors are now working to teach her how to behave like a human so that she can transition to normal human life. “She behaves like an ape and screams loudly if doctors try to reach out to her,” Singh told the New Indian Express. Another doctor treating her said the girl struggles to understand anything, and makes apelike noises and facial expressions. But over the past two months, the girl’s health and behavior have improved significantly, doctors say. She has begun to walk normally by herself and eat food with her own hands. She is still unable to speak, and has begun to use gestures to communicate. Occasionally, she smiles, according to a hospital spokesman.

She is not the only one in the world there have been other cases as well such as the British woman Marina Chapman who is said to have lived with monkeys in the Colombian jungle and later wrote a book about it. Six-year-old John Ssebunya was found living with green vervet monkeys in the Ugandan jungle in 1991. He is believed to have run away from home when he was 3 years old after seeing his father murder his mother. He was placed in an orphanage and was later adopted. He learned to speak, became a member of the Pearl of Africa children’s choir and participated in the Special Olympics, later moving into a home of his own.

Ssebunya’s story was in a number of documentaries such as that of anthropologist Mary Ann Ochota. On her website, Ochota wrote about her experiences meeting these children and learning their stories. Cases of such children can provide insight into human child development, cultural attitudes to disability, and how different societies categorize and explain relationships between humans and animals. But these “strange, feral children are also often a source of shame and secrecy within a family or community,” she wrote.

“These aren’t Jungle Book stories, they’re often harrowing cases of neglect and abuse,” Ochota wrote. “And it’s all too likely because of a tragic combination of addiction, domestic violence and poverty. These are kids who fell through the cracks, who were forgotten, or ignored, or hidden.”


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