Russian Warship Heads Toward US Destroyers

Of course the Russians were going to react and it appears now that they have. The frigate Admiral Grigorovich, reached the group of at least six warships off the coast of Syria. It carries cruise missiles equivalent to the US Tomahawk missiles fired at Syrian airbase.

While numerous countries praised Trump’s decision to interfere, Russia along with Iran strongly condemned it, so much so that Russian President called this move “aggression against a sovereign state in violation of international law, and under a false pretext”

“There’s a bad scenario with this flexing of muscles. The danger of a clash between the US and Russia in Syria is not pleasant, and it could have bad consequences,” said Fyodor Lukyanov, a leading foreign policy analyst in Moscow.

“But there’s also a positive scenario. For Trump, discussion with Russia about co-operation in Syria was impossible before because it was a discussion from a position of weakness. Now we can say that America has shown its abilities, has returned to the picture, and the conversation won’t be one-sided, neither side will dominate, and this creates possibilities and preconditions for dialogue.”

Russians had been evacuated from the airbase after the US reportedly warned Russia about its attack. A Russian reporter on the ground posted photographs afterward showing the runway at Shayrat still intact, and Syrian jets have reportedly resumed flights from the base.

The Russian foreign ministry also cancelled a “deconfliction” agreement, designed to prevent mid-air collisions, under which the US and Russia informed each other about their military operations.


Russian Fighter
Source: theguardian

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