YouTubers Declare War On Wall Street Journal

Written by: Muhammad Yahya

No need for Adblock now as Google has removed all its ads from youtube, making all other companies partnered with Google to pull their ads too. Youtube mainly generated its revenue from these ads so you can say that  Youtube is in a tough situation.

Numerous companies pulled their ads from Google namely, AT&T , Verizon ,Volkswagen , Enterprise Holdings , Havas , Lloyds Banking Group , McDonald’s , L’Oréal , Tesco , Renault , Honda,O2 , Royal Bank of Scotland , Marks and Spencer , Channel 4 , ITV , J Sainsbury and Argos

“We’re also raising the bar for our ads policies to further safeguard our advertisers’ brands.”, AT&T marketing department

It all started because of some controversial videos having some hate speech in it, showed by Wall Street Journal (WSJ) to Google. And Youtubers are furious at WSJ for doing that as the videos showed by WSJ to Google were not making any money from Google ads, so much so that they were demonetized by Youtube itself. But Google without doing any fact checks pulled out. Well, from a business point of view no company would’ve wanted to put their advertisements related to such content as that would really harm their product marketing and ethnicity.

Because of Wall Street Journal attacking the youtube content creators for the second time so Youtube is now full of videos with Youtubers declaring war on WSJ. One example is:

Full time Youtubers are in a shock as their videos are now generating almost no money. Their careers are over. If Youtube doesn’t fix this problem soon you may not be able to see any new videos from your favorite Youtubers playing games or pranking someone or making fun of movies in 15 minutes or less


In the end Youtube has stated that:

  1. Only content creators with more than 10000 lifetime views will be payed
  2. More strict policy for content thieves


So an advice for newcomers on Youtube is just leave. There’s nothing left over here.


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