A Huge Asteroid Is Going To Pass The Earth This Month

A huge asteroid is going to pass the earth this month, and you might be able to catch a glimpse.According to NASA, asteroid 2013 JO25 will pass roughly 1.1 million miles away from our planet on 19th April.

According to research and data, it is around 2,000 feet wide. Guess a little worrying is par for the course once you learn that this asteroid is two-fifths of a mile big. Following its pass-by date on April 19th, amateur astronomers and star enthusiasts can try and look for 2014 JO25 in the night sky. But keep in mind that it might be hard. Still, it is worth a shot because this asteroid won’t come close to us for another 500 years.

Comet PanSTARSS will also be at its nearest point to Earth on April 19th, in case you’re not a big fan of asteroids.


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