Zlatan Ibrahimovic says he’s like Benjamin Button

Zlatan Ibrahimovic compared himself to Benjamin Button as his old age renaissance continued during Manchester United’s win against Sunderland on Sunday afternoon. The striker was playing his second Premier League game since serving a three-match ban for an elbow on Tyrone Mings and is reported to have said:

“I am Benjamin Button – I was born old but I will die young”

Ibrahimovic is currently ranked fourth in the Premier League golden boot race and the star is continuing his phenomenal goal scoring form with his 17th league goal of the season.

His 30th minute finish was his 250th goal since he turned 30, five years ago, and when asked about his marvelous goal scoring time he produced another fantastic quote.

“I train hard and I keep focussing. I believe in what I do and I just play my game and try to enjoy it.

“It seems the older I get the more intelligent I get. Because of course you cant move the same as five, ten or 15 years ago.

“I’m getting better and better. Like I said, I feel like Benjamin Button – I was born old but I will die young.”

Brad Pitt played the main character in the film ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,’ in which a baby is born as an elderly man before appearing younger and younger as he ages.



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