Makeup trends of 2017 that will be everywhere this summer

From strobing to lobs the raging trends of this season are all reviewed here with a quick cheat list to get you all glamoured up in no time.



Let’s talk the highlighter talk that’s been around for ages but the mainstream media just realized that now. Strobing. Highlight them cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, brow bones and all the high points of your face to get a natural glow. Let a strobing stick be your fairy god mother this summer.

Thy not makeup look:


It started from the singer Alicia Keys and caught fire on the way. Not literally but it’s all the rage this summer. Just keep it as natural as possible with supple and moisturized skin with a dewy glow that everyone will be rocking this summer. The best thing about this trend is that you need to put in minimal effort.

Bushy eyebrows:


Okay listen up ladies, it’s time to follow up in the footsteps of Cara Delevingne and Kate Middleton with our eyebrows as bushy as they can be. Are we breaking traditions? Yes, we are. Are we proud of it? Hell, yes we are! Get your eyebrows done real low kept or just keep them as they are. This is the summer of natural eyebrows.

Matte Lips:


Let me say this loud and clear. We mean business. We mean class. We mean shades of lipsticks that will bring you down to your knees. We mean matte lipsticks. That’s right. You heard me correct. If you want to be the talk of every party pucker up your lips pretty with a bunch of matte lipsticks from dark shades to feminine light pink shades. Everything works.

Lobs and bed head hair:


It’s either ” I just got out of bed ” or ” Fill me a glass of champagne, I got this ” kind of hair this summer. Get yourself a lob because the summer started from them and is going to end at lobs. From Taylor Swift to Selena Gomez this hair trend is the highlight of the season.


Or if you’re too lazy too keep up with the lob look the trendsetters have got the messy hair drama in store for you. Just tease your hair in its natural flow and spritz a little hairspray and you’re good to go! Apart from that, this look works with nearly every outfit and can be blended at at every occasion.

Just remember to feel confident about your look and you’ll be the talk of the town.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sarah says:

    I never thought someone from Pakistan would know so much about make up. Hats off to you, young lady. Keep it up. I read both of your articles and I hope I’ll read more soon


  2. Alex ♡ says:

    Alicia Keys looks so flawless. Loved this. Thank you so much. Please write about affordable fashion trends


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