NSA has been Spying on Pakistan’s Mobile Networks, WikiLeaks Reveals

If you’ve watched the Hollywood hit Snowden then you probably have an idea about the invasion of privacy practiced by United State’s (of course) National Security Agency (NSA).

The whistleblowing organization that first leaked Snowden files has tweeted:

“Hundreds of NSA cyber weapons variants publicly released including code showing hacking of Pakistan mobile system” – @wikileaks

A hacker group called Shadow Brokers released information detailing how the NSA accessed private and public networks in other countries. A researcher by the name of x0rz decrypted the files and uploaded them on Github, a web-based repository and internet hosting service.

“The researcher confirmed that the archives include evidence of NSA operators’ access inside the GSM network of Mobilink – one of the Pakistan’s most popular mobile services provider,” the report noted.

The hacker group had previously released data suggesting the US agency may have been monitoring hundreds of IP addresses in Pakistan. The encrypted files were being decrypted by security researchers around the world.

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Another report in the Washington Post that came in 2014 said the US has long had broad no-spying arrangements with four countries – Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand – in a group known collectively as the “Five Eyes”.

“But a classified 2010 legal certification – approved by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and included among a set of documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden – lists 193 countries [including India], that would be of valid interest for US intelligence,” the Post said.

Recent WikiLeaks reports state that NSA has been spying on India’s BJP as well.


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