Pakistan to Become the First Country in South Asia to Test 5G Services

Anusha Rehman, the Minister of State Information and Technology On Tuesday said Pakistan would be the first country in South Asia to test 5th Generation cellular services.

While addressing the Information Communication (ICT) award ceremony, organised by the Rawalpindi Chamber Of Commerce and Industry (RCCI), Ms Rehman said: “Pakistan recently won the GSMA award and ranked third in the list of mobile telecom operator groups.” “The government was working on a project to provide at least one mobile tower per 100 users in every village by 2030,” she added.

The Chairman of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Ismail Shah, RCCI Presi­dent Raja Amer Iqbal, officials of the Pakistan Software Export Board and officials of other leading IT and telecom companies were also attendants of the event.

Ms. Rehman said that information technology was booming in the country and broadband penetration rose from a minor 3% to a staggering 27pc in the last two years. “We are working towards making a digital Pakistan. Digital economy through IT, freelance, start-ups, e-commerce and mobile apps are the future,” Ms. Rehman said. President RCCI while addressing the gathering said that the initiative was taken to promote competition among IT companies.  “The awards aim at giving merit-based recognition to those who have displayed outstanding performance throughout the year.” “The ICT sector had a market share of approximately $3 billion in Pakistan but no step was being taken by the government to promote the industry.” he added

Mr Amer said that the cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi had a 40pc share of the total ICT business in the country as many multinational companies had established their offices there.


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