Putra Palace : You simply Can’t Miss This

Written by: Alina Alamgir

Well, I promised you people that I’ll let you know everything about Malaysia! So here I am, with another interesting article.

The ultimate reason for human survival is food! So basically food comes first. Why don’t we start our travelogue with an article about food. Not ordinary food! We are talking about Malaysia and trust me nothing is ordinary about Malaysia.


The title above is the name of a restaurant located at Putra Jaya ( The administrative capital of Malaysia). The reason why i’m writing about a restaurant before anything else is that whenever I’ve been to Malaysia, the first place I visit is this restaurant, not even my hotel. Directly from the airport I head off to savour the delicious Indian food served at Putra Palace. Believe me, it’s mouth watering!

Their menu had been the same for years and I thank them for it and you’ll do too once you enter this heaven.


At Putra Palace, I only taste food for there is so much to devour that you can’t stick to one dish. Their buffet consists of the famous Daal Chawal which isn’t your normal Daal Chawal.

Moreover, they serve you with a dry orange coloured dish which is unbelievably tasty, until you find out that it’s only a Cauliflower that you are eating!

The menu, if enlisted here fully, will cause me to run out of words. Hence I’ll skip to the dessert and leave the rest for you to taste and try yourself.


To be honest, this is the sole reason I keep coming back here. Yes! This dessert with is basically a mixture of custard ice cream and Sujee Ka Halwa, will make you eat it until you are impossibly full. I ate it for the first time 6 and a half years ago and trust me my taste buds weren’t ready to forget this delicacy until I got to Putra Palace few months ago.

Except for the wonderful food this place offers, there is a beautiful garden and a pavement which leads to a lush green alley.


Standing here, you can view the magnificent building, the Malaysian Prime Minister’s Office. The Putra Mosque, which reflects high degree of art and design, is also viewable from here.


No doubt, this place is a must-visit! So all the foodies out there get this one on your list because “You can’t simply miss this!”


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  1. Hafsa Fatima says:

    All I wanna do right now is go to Malaysia. Keep it up!! 🙂


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