Fahad’s Story

My name is Fahad. I am thirteen years old. I have two sisters. I am currently working at a general store in Lahore. I earn 150 rupees per day. My father loved me a lot. He knew I wanted to study so he enrolled me in the Government school near our house. He died when I was in the third grade. Years have passed and I still question myself that why did he leave me so early if he actually loved me ?
Shahid Chachu, my Abu’s younger brother, married my mother soon after my father died with the promise that he would look after us.
He sits at our house all day long and sends us to earn our living. I am not allowed to study anymore. I know my sisters want to study, so I secretly drop them off at their school every morning on my way to work. If Shahid Chachu finds this out, he would lock me up and beat me again.


“How do you manage to pay the school fees for the both of your sisters?”
They study in a really good school in the DHA. It is known as TAC ( Teach a Child ) and all I have to give is two rupees per month for the both of them.
Money does not count, our happiness and courage does. Shahid Chachu still knows that the three of us work, however, I dont allow my sisters to work at this age. My mother knows that they study. She supports us. She is really strong. I love her smile. I always ask her if she would also leave me like Abu did, she wraps me in her arms and the warmth of that hug makes me feel like superman; it feels like i am the strongest and the safest man alive.
I love to dress well. However, I sometimes have to give away my belts and glasses to buy frocks for my sisters. I love them a lot.
I will never let anyone hurt them. If anyone tries to do that I will break their bones. I can’t hit Shahid Chachu, but if he tries to hurt them, the all of us will run away!


“Do you want to say something else?”
I want people to find happiness in little things. I see boys of my age drive cars, but i am happy with my red cycle. It was blue, i painted it red when i gifted it to my sister for a day! Please learn to smile like me and be thankful for whatever you have because there is always someone, somewhere, worse off than you.

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Want to help Little Fahad? Kindly check the picture posted below:

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  1. Amna says:

    Oh my…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Raina Khan Barki says:

    Respected Ms. Komal,
    It isnt about being mentally stable or not, its about standing for the helpless, its about giving voice to the voiceless, its about protecting their rights and its about humanity. I respect your opinion but according to your point of view, we should not think of helping someone or making their life better simply because of “what if”


  3. Raina Khan Barki says:

    Also, by bringing up this story we only wish to collect donations so that we can help him get education 🙂


  4. Raweel says:

    The story left me in tears. I will be waiting for your next writing. I am happy to see that although blunt criticism was laid on you, you took it on the chin. Continue writing more sweetheart, you’re on the right path. I wish to sponsor this child so that he can study like all of us ❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Raina Khan Barki says:

      Thank you so so much, means a lot!
      Please do help him by donating something. You may email us or message us on our facebook page. Bless you xo


  5. Tahir says:

    if only you, the privileged class, that hogs the lion;s share of wealth were to give away EVERYTHING you had to the poor and lived the life they live, only then will you make a REAL difference. Everything that falls short of that is your own vanity you are pandering to.


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