A message for the youth of every society

Written by: Rayaan Faisal

“Live rebelliously”, say the people who want nothing more. Why? Because notion is above emotion. Withstanding is more important than understanding. You can’t expect to understand a book by skipping the pages and incoherently filling in the gaps. You think the drug excites but it’s merely what you do out of fright. You say you do it to be free but instead, you just flee. Is it out of misery? Because you just gave in to the devils’ victory.

Our teenage years are nonetheless complicated. The pressure of our peers is the basis of what comes ahead. You picked up that cigarette, gave it a puff and impressed that girl sitting in the corner. What did you achieve for yourself in that moment? You saw your delinquent friends around you pleased by your action and you got your short term satisfaction. Then later that night, you chugged down that whole bottle. It was against what you’d been taught all those years but the attention you got was overwhelming. Again, what did you achieve for yourself? You went through the breakdown of a relationship, the death of a loved one and the constant backlash of what others wanted you to be. It wasn’t something you deserved but you had to learn from it, not drown in it. When we approach our youth, we want for ourselves what the world wants for us. Our sensitive souls find it hard to accept who we really are. Alcohol may be a sense of comfort but what’s comfort without control? Inexplicably, we’re bound to lose control and damage our most sincere relationships. And when you’re on the road injecting drugs inside yourself, then what? What seems minor can be threatening and with no sense of control, alcohol becomes the road to self-destruction. Your world of ups and downs is now just down as you look up to sky. You begin to miss your mothers’ hug, your siblings’ taunts and even your fathers’ long lectures. Like I said, youth is complicated. In the end, we all do end up learning from our mistakes although we may not all change for the better. What you wanted to make of yourself was damaged. That is youth! Now stand back up, fix your relationships and enter adulthood with a smile. What you wanted to make of yourself was damaged, not ruined. Put together the pieces. Your youth may be one of your biggest stressors but you’re not alone. Don’t stem the tide, steer it towards the better good!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Jarpeet Singh says:

    I love this article and I love this website


  2. Malaika x says:

    The only thing I hate about this website is Raina Khan


  3. Serena says:

    The last three lines really hit me


  4. Ravindra says:

    Everything wrong with this generation summed up in two paragraphs! Great work!


  5. Silvat Malik says:

    Great article, concise and expressive


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