Nawaz Sharif Allowed to Stay

A five-member bench of the Supreme Court concluded long-drawn hearings in the case on February 23 and announced the final judgment on April 20.

Supreme Court allows Nawaz Sharif to stay.

The Supreme Court allowed the Prime Minister to stay

The corruption charges against the prime minister stem from leaked financial documents known as the Panama Papers. They listed Sharif’s two sons and a daughter, along with hundreds of other Pakistanis, as holders of offshore bank accounts.

Sharif denied any wrongdoing, but the court agreed to investigate his family’s offshore wealth late last year after opposition leader Imran Khan threatened street protests.

The decision was a split one. Two judges found Nawaz Sharif guilty while the other three thought further investigation is needed before finding him guilty. So, if we speak simply in terms of innocence and guilt then Nawaz Sharif was undoubtedly found guilty.

But as ignorant as pure party workers can be, PML(N) supporters are hailing this as a victory while many are calling Supreme Court’s decision to be unjust and biased.

Pakistanis need to understand the fact that the Supreme cannot just disqualify the Prime Minister of one of world’s biggest democracy over mere questionable doubts.

The committee formed will give its decision within the next three months so lets see what happens.


(This article is incomplete and continuing)













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