Culture and Values

Written by: Abdullah Moeen

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The term culture is itself an extremely broad one. This seven lettered mass noun holds so many various categories in its lap that to list them all would require much time and research. Culture not only includes the eateries, dressings and religious values of the people who abide in a particular area, but the history and heritage of a place is also categorized under the term culture. To be, or not to be, precise, the definition of culture could be looked up in Oxford dictionary which states as:
“The ideas, customs, and social behavior of a particular people or society.”
Therefore it would not be incorrect to say that the culture of a place is concoction of various factors integrated together.

In this world, cultures galore. The cultures can range from the those found in a particular city to those found in particular continents. Such is the variety of culture. While culture of a place may be a subject to change as it is hammered with the force of revolution and moulded by the hands of invaders over the span of time, the basic culture of a place, being robust, remains, if not unchanged, free of amendments to a great extent.

Every country which has it’s name on the world map has it’s own culture which truly is unique in it’s own right. It is up to human mind to admire or disparage a particular culture. I, for one, deem my own culture as the one which tops every other culture. Over the days of my life, I have spent hours pondering over different cultures and every time I found myself attracted to the majesty of Pakistani culture, my culture. My patriotism might have a part to play in this.

Being a person who has roamed the streets of Shanghai, have dinner in a luxurious cruise in Dubai or went round the Holy house in that mosque of Mecca, I was never attracted to foreign culture. Partially because I find other cultures as absurd and far from reality.

The first thing I really admire about my culture is the values of my fellow Pakistanis. Be it religious values or personal values. For instance, it is a culture here that people bestow high honors upon their guests. This is the trait we have inherited most probably from our Arab ancestors, since it was a custom in Arabian peninsula to show great hospitality and respect towards guests. This is true since I, myself, have been taught by my parents to never hesitate when the question of comforting a guest arrives. This is why whenever I asked some local Chinese who have been to Pakistan, during my trip to China, about the things they particularly admire about Pakistanis, the answer i got was “hospitality”. While Pakistan has many local cultures, this sentiment of of hospitality is the one which links all the cultures together.

Another thing i praise about my culture is how women are treated. Although there have been recorded incidences of sexual crimes zeroed in towards female gender, but on the usual women are regarded as honorable in Pakistan. Part of this might be linked to local religious values since Islam is the religion which prevails over the land, and that particular religion preaches men to lower their gaze in front of women. Second thing is that, most men here do not allow, or at least do not prefer, their women in offices. While this orthodox concept has its cons, it is true that a woman are usually deemed the “queen” of her house.

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The bravery of locals is also linked to the local culture, Another cultural factor which impresses me to a great extent. Pakistani men, especially Pakhtoons, mostly have gallantry in their blood as they are not hesitant in shedding blood for their country and tribe. It is this bravery that the soldiers of Pakistani army have won some major wars in the past. This is also the reason behind the love army receives from the local.

To explain all the things which I find truly endearing about Pakistani culture, my culture, and to write my heart out is, I believe, a difficult task to conduct since I could go on and on without any hesitation. Therefore the points presented above just from a microscopic portion of my love and affection towards my culture.



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